About Us


COMPUTER INSTITUTION OF INFORMATION TUTORIAL SOCIETY (CIIT) is a well known professionally managed Organization (NGO) active in community capacity building and issue based networking. The primary focus of CIIT is on the problem of the marginalized in their struggle to obtain a life justice dignity and identity. Empowerment of the community for self- governance, environment stabilization, education, capacity building programme, health awareness and community development & community participation are the most important components its mission. Gender justice, gender equality, empowerment of women livelihood security, health facilities are our primary areas of concern.


A society free of untouchability and discrimination. A healthy and wealthy environment among Indian community. Create impact on poverty by increasing access to financial, social, legal, political, educational and etc. by marginalized.


• To accomplish complete proficiency and to work for advancement of instruction;

•To work towards disposal of routine of Child Labor and to step for their recovery.

•To give encouraged amusement enviournment to the senior subjects

•To actualize and co-ordinate different exercises identifying with welfare of individuals having a place with Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes and Minority bunches furthermore connect with itself in related exploration exercises.

•To execute and co-ordinate different activities pointed towards advancement and support of environment, estates.

•To set up oversee different sorts of instructive, social, social, welfare and professional preparing focuses in the field of mechanical investigative, , therapeutic specialized, rural examination preparing focus to present and create proficient according to Govt. rules for poor and underestimated.

•To work towards keeping up social agreement.

•To build up and run schools/instruction focus with an article to give training to non-school going kids, elderly who here enthusiasm to think about.

•To attempt endeavors for the general advancement of the Society.

•To actualize work situated and work based instructive framework; build up, oversee and run such instructive foundations for addressing the necessities, yearnings and welfare of each segment of society;

•To set-up and run Training Centers in remote country zones of the State, to elevate the instructive and financial measures of the denied areas of society, and to wipe out their overarching terrible social traditions, absence of education, endowment framework, youngster marriage and so forth.;

•To build up and run different Welfare Centers to advance de-enslavement, welfare of senior natives, physically and rationally debilitated persons and general human improvement;

•To work for asset less and destitute individuals by dynamic contribution in rustic improvement through open interest and to co-ordinate with social exercises;

•To make mindfulness and actualize different ventures on Public Health and Family Welfare and to sort out Awareness Movement for populace control;

•To sort out and direct projects on wellbeing, instruction and sanitation; make open attention to control populace and to avert scourges and to mastermind essential offices.

•To make sufficient game plans and run the restoration place for down and out, windows, elderly, poor, baggers, and debilitate persons for their financial inspire ment.

•To make open mindfulness about AIDS and different ailments and to work for preventive measures. Likewise to advance blood gifts and eye camps.

•To do and execute, for the incorporated improvement of the general public, different plans/ventures in the fields of instruction, wellbeing and so forth., securing due collaboration every once in a while from the Administration;

•To make the rustic ladies independent by sorting out their Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and to prepare and advance them; •To actualize different honesty based projects to build up the administration limit of the general public and instilling the feeling of things amongst individuals of all gatherings and religion.

•Provide help to people, organizations, corporate body, open or nearby powers for underestimated advancement and work era exercises.

•To complete different kid advancement undertakings to give chances to the best possible improvement of youngsters. Likewise to execute different plans identifying with family welfare, nutritious nourishment, essential instruction, wellbeing, stimulation and so on., for the savvy person, mental and physical advancement of the youngsters;

•To achieve social mindfulness and to make strides, with the participation of Administration and additionally open, against defilement, foul play, and wrongful acts;

•To endeavor each conceivable endeavors to control/deal with the circumstance emerging out of regular catastrophes like surge, seismic tremor, draft, scourge and so forth and to give essential alleviation to the casualties by securing budgetary and material bolster/help from different organizations, offices and persons;

•To giving specialized help administrative abilities unreached by the formal money related framework.

•To orchestrate preparing programs and create essential material for limit working of government and non-government offices and its representatives and to screen and assess different tasks.

•To upgrade business opportunity and neediness destruction, to embrace diverse exercises on ghettos, jj bunches on different states advancement to enhance the financial existence of poor people and minimized.

•To participate in a wide range of formative work implied for the welfare of individuals living in urban ghetto territories.